Our courses offer a good compromise between the continuous assessment favoured by some universities and the emphasis placed on final exams by others.

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Jubilee University is the brainchild of late Justice Maxon Mbendera who wanted to contribute towards the development of young people in Malawi by interacting with them positively through higher education. He viewed such interaction as an opportunity to influence the future leaders of our society. He was excited about the University and worked extremely hard to get it ready for launching. He chose the name Jubilee as a celebration of fifty years of Malawi’s existence. The University was registered in 2018. It got accredited by the National Council for Higher Education in 2021.

Jubilee University (JU) was incorporated in 2016 and registered as an institution of Higher learning in 2018. It is a private university owned by Sunyala Trust and run by a well-qualified and competent University Governing Council and management.

JU is located in Lilongwe old town opposite Shoprite minibus stage in the Pacific complex.

JU offer programs covering both private and public sector and has the following degree programmes; BCom in Business Administration, BCom accounting and Finance, BCom Human Resource Management, BSc Public sector Management, BSc Procurement and Supply Chain Management and BSc Public Accounting and Finance .

The University has top of the range facilities including a library well stocked with both electronic and hard copies of books and journals, a computer laboratory, and well -furnished classrooms.

JU has well qualified lectures and administrators and touts itself as a university that not only inculcates knowledge, but also pays attention to students’ character and the development of know-how or application of theory to practice. This is summarized in our saying that we educate the head, the heart and the hand. In this regard JU flag bearing philosophy is Umunthu. Every student at JU has to attend the Umunthu, Critical Thinking and Development modules.







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Many great philosophers have argued that, education or knowledge or intelligence without good character and values is useless because it only creates clever devils. In Nelson Mandela’s words, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” However, effective and beneficial change is unlikely to be realised when education fails to inculcate enough values to prevent social evils such as corruption, intolerance, individualism, and greed from taking root in individuals. Jubilee University therefore, is founded on the principles of Umunthu, whose focus is educating the whole individual, that is; the mind, the hand and importantly the heart. In this regard, the mind is knowledge, the hand is the practical application and the heart comprises the right values and attitude that build the individual character.

Jubilee University sees Umunthu not as a doctrine or a rule but rather a way of life in which one has to learn to live humanely with others in their community, country, and the world at large. Umunthu is not a device for instrumental judgment but rather a social process, which guides how people think, make choices, act and speak. The major goal of Jubilee University is to produce a complete individual; one who is knowledgeable but also cultured, respectful, integrated, sensitive and responsive to the needs of the family, neighbours, country, and the world. Umunthu aims at inculcating attitudes and values capable of integrating students as useful citizens into the wider society.