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We are the prefered institution of the higher learning in Malawi and the SADC Region.

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JU trustees offer Scholarships to deserving needy Students in all years of the school. Remarkable among the Jubilee University Scholarships is the founder's Late Maxon Mbendera (LMS)Scholarship which is offered to students with outstanding performance as a motivation.All scholarship holders are encouraged to abide by stringent scholarship stipulations/condition.

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Flexible mode of study and affordable

Jubilee University offers a flexible mode of study to fit into your schedule and quality education at affordable fees Enroll with Jubilee University and study for a qualification that makes you stand out.

Multiple entry-multiple exit basis

All degree programmes at Jubilee University are structured on a multiple entry - multiple exit basis. Therefore, an applicant can graduate with a diploma or certificate after fulfilment of all requirements at an appropriate level. A diploma will be awarded after successful completion of a minimum of 32 modules or six semesters (3 academic years) and a certificate will be awarded after successful completion of a minimum of 18 modules or 3 semesters, respectively. The normal duration of the University first degree courses is eight (8) semesters or four academic years.

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Empathy, Umunthu/Integrity, Accountability, Inquisitiveness Resilience and Diligence.


Be the preferred institution of Higher Learning in Malawi and the SADC Region


Kukuza, Umunthu ndi Kusinthika(Empowerment, Integrity and Transformation)


Transform citizens into self-sustaining and trustworthy human capital for personal, social and economic development through provision of relevant and ethical education and training.


Jubilee University sees Umunthu not as a doctrine or a rule but rather a way of life in which one has to learn to live humanely with others in their community, country, and the world at large. Umunthu is not a device for instrumental judgment but rather a social process, which guides how people think, make choices, act and speak. The major goal of Jubilee University is to produce a complete individual; one who is knowledgeable but also cultured, respectful, integrated, sensitive and responsive to the needs of the family, neighbours, country, and the world. Umunthu aims at inculcating attitudes and values capable of integrating students as useful citizens into the wider society.

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Our Course


The aim of the programme is to equip students with skills and competencies in human resources management needed in the private and public sectors of Malawi and beyond.

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This program is designed for students who wish to gain an understanding of the policy and management issues of the public sector and non-profit organizations and their...

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Many great philosophers have argued that, education or knowledge or intelligence without good character and values is useless because it only creates clever devils. In Nelson Mandela’s words, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” However, effective and beneficial change is unlikely to be realised when education fails to inculcate enough values to prevent social evils such as corruption, intolerance, individualism, and greed from taking root in individuals. Jubilee University therefore, is founded on the principles of Umunthu, whose focus is educating the whole individual, that is; the mind, the hand and importantly the heart. In this regard, the mind is knowledge, the hand is the practical application and the heart comprises the right values and attitude that build the individual character.

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